Crawler bulldozer, also called crawler dozer, was first developed in 1904 by Benjamin Holt in the US. It is formed by installing a men hoisting bulldozing device at the front of caterpillar tractors, with steamer as the engine. As time went on, crawler bulldozers that were driven by natural gas and gasoline emerged in succession, and the men hoisting of dozer blade evolved into hoisting cable.

With the continuous development of technology, bulldozers are now driven by diesel engine, with dozer blade and ripper hoisted by fluid cylinder. In addition to crawler bulldozer, there are also wheel bulldozers, which emerged a decade later than the former. As the crawler bulldozers have the advantages of better adhesion property, and stronger traction, there are more models and larger quantity of crawler bulldozers than wheel bulldozers.

Features of Crawler Bulldozer
1. Engine with enormous power, high torque and high reliability
2. Dry, single plate main clutch, stability, easy maintenance and long service life
3. Final drive by applying Komatsu technology of Japan, high reliability and convenient maintenance
4. Reliable performance, flexible and easy control, great adaptability and workability under different environmental

5. Reasonable design, strong traction and high working efficiency
6. Good heat dissipation and long lifetime
7. Easy operation and labor saving

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